Information Summary

The Saskatoon German Days, also known as simply Saskatoon German Day, is a former annual event to celebrate German heritage and culture in Saskatoon.

The group, or Saskatoon German Days Committee, is best known for honouring Saskatchewan pioneer women of all nationalities by donating the Egg Money sculpture to the City of Saskatoon. Along with this sculpture, located at the Farmers Market, a book by the same name was published. The book is a compilation of stories of struggle and hardship, but also community and friendships, that illustrate how individual women survived life in the pioneer days on the prairies.

Before the group disbanded once again, some summer festivals were put on, and a large German Christmas Market was being planned. While the summer festivals went very well, with all local German groups participating, the perhaps over ambitious Christmas Market was re-organized. Resulting events were an afternoon Advent Celebration, now hosted by the KulturGarten group, and a con…